June 21-23,2013 Halifax Seaport, Near Pier 21, Halifax Waterfront
Don Amero's Juno Nominated Song
"Where I wanna be"
The Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival is proud to announce award winning Don Amero as this year's headliner! He will be at the Halifax Seaport June 22, 2013.
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The Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia (MANS) is a non-profit, charitable organization established in 1975 to promote multiculturalism in the Province of Nova Scotia. The Multicultural Festival was created by MANS as a way to unite and educate the public about our wonderful cultural diversity. Proceeds from the Festival ensure the continuation of this important community event, and benefit the many programs conducted by MANS.

Since it's inception, the Multicultural Festival has attracted more than half a million visitors and has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the local economy. This three-day event is the largest Multicultural Festival east of Montreal and features many talented performers and artisans who offer a variety of music, dance and activities for patrons of all ages. Interactive cultural activities including authentic world cuisine are designed to engage a memorable experience.

With the outstanding support of sponsors, a committed community and loyal staff, the festival celebrates cultural richness and continues to be a destination for people from across the province, throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond.

There is truly something at the Festival for everyone!

Welcome to the 2013 Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival!
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General Admission $7.00
Seniors (65+) $6.00
Children (12 and under) FREE
Don Amero's Juno Nominated Song
"Where I wanna be"
The Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival is proud to announce award winning Don Amero as this year's headliner! He will be at the Halifax Seaport June 22, 2013.
Festival Hours of Operation

Friday, June 21 - 4:00pm- 11:00pm
Saturday, June 22 - 10:00am- 11:00pm
Sunday, June 23 - 10:00am- 7:00pm

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